Contemporary America seems to be taking a step back from the Enlightenment.

While some may think this as simply a new chapter in the “Great Experiment”, Jonathan and I disagree.  Humanity has been down this road before.  The West has enough examples of the stratification throughout its history to know the inevitable consequences of valuing superistition, faith, and mindless tradition over reason.

This sad chapter in our history has many causes, but we think a central issue is the general lack of rationalism being applied in our society’s interactions with politics, religion, and other cultures.

Jonathan and I have spent hours discussing this.  After years of boring our friends, relatives, and random people passing by, we’ve decided to torture share our thoughts with the world.

We’re hoping to entertain you, engage you, and hopefully make you go hmmmmm every once in awhile.  Feel free to lurk or participate as you will!

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