Jonathan and I will be the presenters, chief commentators, and primary editors of the thinkishness experiment.

Jonathan has a degree in Social Anthropology, and is very involved in internet discussions and debates.  He’s one of the smartest people I know, and he’ll be bringing the academic brains to the conversation.

I (John), have no where near Jonathan’s academic knowledge of the world, but I am a constant tinkerer – chemistry, astronomy, and electronics are a few of my hobbies.  I’m more of the color man, but hopefully you’ll find that I bring a solid rational viewpoint to the table.

We’re always looking for like minded talent that would want to participate – editors, writers, video and lighting technicians, web masters, etc.  We want not only a vibrant online community of readers, lurkers, and posters, but also a pool of talent that wants to contribute to the theme, meme, and webazine.  Ok, I just made that last one up.

We can be reached jointly at info@thinkishness.com, or individually at jonathan@thinkishness.com and jonathan@thinkishness.com.

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