How is something that will grow organically between the creators, lurkers, and posters.  This is the most interesting part of thinkishness for us – how it will evolve.

We’ve set some ground rules for this experiment:

What we are not looking for is celebrity, or spot light. We don’t want to become public figures, and that means that we’ll ask you, the gentle reader/watcher/listener, to respect our privacy. We will never pry into the personal life of anyone, public figure or not, and we ask that you do the same.

We will never document drop.  Ever.  Again, we expect the same level of courtesy.  For those more excitable types who feel they must, we suggest first reading on the legal consequences of the publication of private facts, and secondly to lawyer up if you do decide to cross over the line of acceptable behavior here.

Feel free to post.  Feel free to disagree.  This is not an echo chamber for us!  There aren’t any absolute laws here, nor any bosses.  Feel free to post anonymously.  Disagree or agree with us on whatever bounds you want.  A quick read of the basic logical fallacies might be helpful first however…

As a general rule, we will not delete or moderate posts.  The few exceptions are (ok, these might be absolute laws after all) spammers, bots, porn, doc drops, or being legally ordered to do so.  In the latter case, we will make any and all information that we can publicly available about any such order.

Keep in mind that the website collects the standard information that everyone else does – your IP address, and other characteristics about your computer (browser, operating system, etc.).  We’ll always do our best to keep everyones’ information private, except when a poster doing something illegal results in a subpoena to us.  We’ll work with lawyers of course to limit the scope, but chances are if you did something bad, we’re going to have to hand that information over.  TL;DNR version:  Don’t be a legally liable douche.  Even better, try not to be a douche.

We’ve implemented a community voting system to allow you to decide what has value on the site.  We, and all posters, reserve the right to up or down vote any post we want.  In other words, the community will moderate the community.  Crazy!

We really don’t care about sock puppet accounts because you can post anonymously*.  So if you want to register an account for each one of your personalities, feel free!  Argue amongst yourself(s).

[* Unfortunately, the comment system we are using does not allow guest/anonymous posting at this time.  We're working to get that squared away.]

Further, we also reserve the right not to reply to you at all.  Jonathan and I have a rule about not feeding trolls.  It’s up to you if you want to crawl under the bridge to have a “discussion” with them.

And lastly, Jonathan and I also strongly feel that the burden of proof is on the claimant.  Whatever you are advocating, if you make it up out of whole cloth, or use a single source as the citation (we’re looking at you Mr. Bible), then you are almost certain to get our stock response: What is your proof and evidence for your claims?  Be prepared!

[To keep everyone up to date with any changes to the “How” (which in essence is a simple terms of use), we will keep old copies of the “How” available as a drop down on the “How” menu link.  Any changes or deletions from the last version will be marked with strike through and red.  Any additions from the last version will be marked contained within [brackets] and green.]

[Last Updated: 10/29/2012 2200 EST]


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